We have made a name for ourselves in the Dallas area for automotive expertise.  Our family owned and operated company, Dallas Auto Hospital, has been in business for over 20 years specializing in repair and maintenance of foreign luxury vehicles yet Dallas Auto Hospital diagnoses and repairs all makes and models.


We firmly believe that in order to satisfy customer's repair needs we need to start with a correct diagnosis. We listen, we ask questions, we spend time checking out the problem and digesting the collected data. If we guess, it costs  YOU money. Most of the dealerships and independent shops are thriving from "upsales" and "comprehensive" service which may fix your problem while repairing other issues that "ain't broke". Our mechanics are paid weekly salary instead of commission. Dealerships pay flag time commission for every hour they spend under the hood of your vehicle, so in short, the bigger the job and the more parts that need to be replaced, the bigger the incentive for the mechanic to include more parts and labor in the diagnostic and repair stage than necessary to resolve your issue.  This drive to upsell you is only compounded by the fact that most of the auto repair shop service managers (the salesman) get paid in commission as well.  Like the mechanic, the more they sell, the the bigger their paycheck ends up being.  What we at Dallas Auto Hospital have been seeing is that customers are often given "complete system replacement" guestimates by dealerships and repair shops for the flawed reasoning that if they replace a complete system ( i.e. A/C system) then your malfunctioning part(s) will likely end up being replaced in the process.  This ends up costing you more in the end than an experienced pinpoint diagnostic.  Rest assured that at Dallas Auto Hospital, we do not pay our employees commission or play the guessing game with your wallet. 

Our experienced automotive technicians have built a reputation for outstanding customer service when it comes to diagnosing and repairing vehicles at a fraction of the cost of other repair facilities.  Every customer is walked through the necessary repairs in order of importance before work is initiated and Dallas Auto Hospital has been in business for over two decades by offering unbeatable prices, unparalleled customer service, and saving customers the out of pocket on unnecessary repairs using only quality parts and fluids.

The majority of work performed at D.A.H. includes but is not limited to Body/Frame/Collision, Paint, Engine/Cooling/Exhaust, Brakes/Traction Control, Heating/Air Conditioning, Power Train Management, Instrument Panel/Gauges/Warning Indicators, Lighting/Horns, Power/Ground Distribution, Relays/Modules, Sensors/Switches, Starting/Charging, Steering/Suspension, and Transmission/Drivetrain.

Whether you need an oil change, engine repair, transmission work, or collision repair, Dallas Auto Hospital will deliver expert diagnosis and get you back on the road in no time.  The Dallas Auto Team will offer you expert advise and opinion as to whether the repair is worth the value of the vehicle before the work is underway and will always try to work within your budget. 

Dallas Auto Hospital offers free towing service with any major repair ($1,000 or more).  No matter where you go for diagnostic, or what quote you receive, bring it to us for a second opinion and if the competitions diagnostic is correct (which often times is NOT the case) then we will beat our competitors prices.

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